Making The Flu

TheFlu (3)
It’s flu season and these strains want to be your friend. Okay it’s not really flu season anymore but here’s some of the techniques we used to create ‘The Flu’ animation for ‘Big Pink’ and GSK.

One of the hardest part was setting up the eye rig; having the eyelids close over a spherical eye with multiple morphs driven by nulls and having independent free rotation of eyes, eyelids and pupils.

TheFlu (4)

TheFlu (2)

All characters used custom rigs and Sub-D surfaces for simple deformation. We also made use of the 3rd Powers Cage Deformer, not as much as we wanted but was super handy for splats and snot.


All CG aspects were created in Lightwave 3D and composited in After Effects. The original concept was to have the strains look like little vinyl desk toys so we captured a 32bit float image of a simple office environment as well as a soft box we have in the studio.