Magic Lantern 14bit RAW module

Canon DSLR video feels reborn with the 14bit RAW module by magic lantern. The datarate is nothing short of insane, 80-90MB/s datarate for HD video, that’s around 1GB for 10-15 seconds of footage. All that data needs a super fast 1000x compact flash memory card.

I tried a Komputerbay CF card, which died on me, I’ve heard they’re a bit hit and miss. I ultimately settled on a 64GB Transcend CF card that, so far, has not skipped a frame. The resulting footage is lovely to grade and has little to no aliasing issues (on the 5D3), white balance can be adjusted in post just like a CR2 image, the only little oddity is too many adjustments via Adobe Camera Raw converter causes flickering in the footage, so limiting to exposure and white balance adjustment usually avoids flickering.

Here’s a little bonus video comparing the mighty Panasonic GH2 to a Canon 5D mark II with ML RAW.