Frog Character Design and Animation

Initial Sketch in Leonardo app

Who doesn’t like frogs, I like frogs. This project started of as a doodle, drawn with the amazing Leonardo app on a Surface GO, after using quite a few drawing apps I’ve found Leonardo feels the best and handles the occasional wobbly lines of the Microsoft Surface products.

I thought it would be fun to give the frog a job. Pest control! Seems fitting, right? I thought it would also be fun to work out how to rig up the non-spherical eyes.

Recreating the sketches likeness in 3D was hassle free with Blender’s sculpting tools. Re-meshing was similarly quick, taking advantage of the Quad Remesher add-on by EXOSIDE. There was a bit of complication around the rigging, but I got everything working how I like with the help of lattice deformers, curves and various bone constraints.

3D model sculpting, remeshing and surfacing

Initially I setup the rig in order to just pose the character for still renders, but later thought it would be cool to add a little bit of motion, so modelled an environment to complete the scene.

Everything was sub-d modelling and I avoided using any Cycles specific rendering features in order to be able to render super quick with Blender’s EEVEE at 4K resolution on a laptop 🙂 If you’re interested in the a more in-depth look, I made a short YouTube video on my personal channel.

Characters projects are our favourite, from design to animation. So if you’re in need of something similar, say hello.