Agency VR Days

As an inquisitive bunch we are often investigating new uses for technology and creating new demos and IP. With this at our heart, at the end of last year we started our ‘Intro to VR’ demo days, visiting numerous agencies to share a little virtual reality love and giving others a chance to get up close and personal with the technology.

Kicking off the day, we go headfirst into virtual reality delving into just some of the ways it is being used right now, both in the ‘real world’ and in helping to drive brand engagement. The turnout for these intro sessions has been overwhelming and it’s always encouraging to see the snowballing following that the topic of ‘VR’ is gaining. There have been many questions brought to the floor; will VR really kick off? Is it just a gimmick? How easy is it to get content on the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard? What new technologies are required? This gives us a great chance to see first-hand the reactions, skepticism and general understanding of VR that is currently out there.

Demo time is where the fun really begins! All members of the agencies have been keen to get involved and to try out the kit, from the Chairmen to the Front of House. There have been squeals of delight and protests of fear on Roller coaster with our Creative Javier even having to hold a few hands along the way! What is especially wonderful is the chance to share our ‘Happy Cat’ demo which has provoked some especially entertaining interactions.

We really enjoy the chance to connect with clients old and new at the VR days and it is especially gratifying to see first-timer’s reactions to the technology and witness the buzz surrounding its potential. It is clear that, moving in the same vein as Razer’s OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality), sharing new capabilities, ideas and learning together is really what’s going to help this Virtual Reality boat to set sail.

If this sounds up your street and you would like us to come along for an ‘Intro to VR’ session do get in touch –