Nokia Xpress Webapp Builder

We were asked by Gramafilm to create an animation to promote Nokia’s Xpress Web App Builder tool. Nokia wanted to show all the features of the tool in a fun and informative way, but wanted to avoid creating a ‘how to’ tutorial.

Firstly we came up with a central character and a concept to base the animation around.

Our next step was to create a finalised script with detailed descriptions of what the viewer will see and hear. Due to the time constraints of the project, it was vital that the client was able to understand every detail, as early as possible.

We then created an animatic including a VO (produced by Gramafilm).This was perfect for the client, as they were able to see the final look of the entire animation, listen to the VO in context and get a solid feeling for the timing and flow.

Taking the client’s comments on board we were then able to move onto the final animation.

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Brand: Nokia
Client: Gamafilm

3D Artist: Louis du Mont
Producer: Jon Reidy