Kia ‘Take on Blake’ Game




Unit 9, David&Goliath

Creative Lead:

Louis du Mont


Jon Reidy


Javier Martin

We were asked by Unit9 to help with a 3D basketball game they were creating for Kia. The game was to be created in Unity3D and then exported to Flash to be used within Facebook. The premise of the game is an online dunk contest, against NBA star Blake Griffin. Running concurrently with a set of TVCs airing in the states.

Our task was to create the animated characters and environmental elements for the game. We were asked to re-create CG versions of Blake aged 8, 12, 17 and 23. Using a mixture of photos and videos as reference. As well as a selection of opponents and user characters.

We used motion capture for all of the character animations, in order to get the dunks and other movements as detailed and realistic as possible. In order to capture all the different dunks, we employed the skills of professional basketball player Tayo Ogedengbe from the London Lions. As well as nailing all the different dunks on the list, he was also able to us to give us tons of advice on how a basketball player would move on the court.

We used the motion capture data as a starting point for the animations, but were able to exaggerate and craft the final moves to give us what we needed. The most important part of this game was the dunks; we wanted a balance between realism and hyper-realism. The dunks needed to be higher, stronger and more exaggerated than real life, but without being too comical.

In order to streamline the workflow, we were able to test assets within Unity, before delivery to the dev team. We worked hand-in-hand with Unit9 to make sure our assets were as finely tuned and streamlined as possible.

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