Poptopia is an iOS game where the objective is simple – send as many perfectly popped kernels up to the toothy smiled hungry mouth, while avoiding charred kernels and dangerous ‘Scorchers’ in an attempt to rack up as many points as possible.

We were asked to create 3D objects, environmental elements and animations for the game. We also worked with the illustrators at Unit9 to create the animated intro sequence you can see at very the start of the game.

Following the completion of the game, we were asked to create a subsequent suite of high resolution 3D assets; to be used for print, packaging and other promotional purposes.

The 3D game assets were built with unwrapped UV’s and temporary texture that were then passed to the team at Unit9 for final illustration work.

Download at the App Store.


Brand: Pop-Secret (US)
Client: Unit9

Creative: Louis Du Mont
Producer: Jon Reidy