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Hack The Planet


Hack The Planet

Client: FCML/PsychFi

Producer: Jon Reidy
Creative/Tech: Javier Martin
Jnr Producer: Emma Clark

James from PsychFi approached us to create a VR Google Cardboard experience for a live event with new London-based digital arts and entertainment company THISME that they were working on with Digital Shoreditch 2015 called #HackThePlanet.

The idea was to create VR experience to work in conjunction with an exclusive track written and performed by Film Composer Simon Boswell, as well as live visuals from Motion Artist – David Altweger.

At concepting stage, we had a lot to work with. Simon’s back catalog included Shallow Grave, Hardware and Hackers to name a few.

We based the experience around Hackers, as it just felt perfect for our VR experience and for Digital Shoreditch as a while. We also managed to include some ‘easter egg’ cameos from the other people involved in the event; Ashens and Mr Weeble etc.

Hack the Planet was VR first (to our knowledge); a VR experience synced with a live event, with over 50 members of the crowd taking part.

In addition to the Hack The Planet event, we were invited to be part of a Digital Shoreditch talk, in which we discussed our work on the app and VR in general (amongst other subjects).

Download Hack The Planet from Google Play or iOS App Store, and try it yourself.