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Visiting Short – Production Blog!

The animation/film project ‘Visiting’ now has it’s very own production blog ‘‘ with breakdowns, clips and general news and updates. You can also follow along on the @visitingshort twitter handle if you feel so inclined.

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Visiting – Location Scouting

Got up at the crack of dawn to try and find alleyways in and around Soho for the initial installment of Visiting. Going to return very soon to capture footage and HDRI’s!

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HUD for Visiting

Prepping material for the imminent shoot for Visiting, the little animated short following a spaceman’s adventures in retrieving his spaceship. This is a little test of the HUD layout for the interior of the helmets to give a little indicator of what the visitor is thinking.

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Visiting 3D Print!

Yay! Got a print back from 3DPrintUK and am very happy with the results, particularly the little aerials, which are amazingly resistant to snapping. I shall be using this little guy as lighting reference as well as a cool trinket for the studio šŸ™‚

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CG Spaceship design

This was a re-design spaceship for a little spaceman character to be used in an animation called visiting. I later decided to go with more of a moon lander, retro design that could express a bit of character in itself.

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Fly-by, a CG Plane

This was part of my on-going (should motivate myself to do more of it) ‘Visiting’ project. This was part of an early narrative, where I had the little guy plummeting to Earth, only just missing the commercial jet to the amazement of theĀ passengersĀ within.

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