London Animation House


Berlin Clips

Back from a quick trip to Berlin and took the opportunity to get a few shots on the Panasonic Lumix GH4. Looking forward to using the upcoming v-log profile for further grading possibilities and trying out the new ‘camera raw’ like grading features in Adobe Premiere CC 2015.

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Realeyes – Breakdown

We’ve completed the promotion film for Realeyes, giving an overview of features and benefits on offer. As part of the brief the client required a time-freeze effect that we’d previously achieved on SkyLife. This time, however we elected to use a 180 degree dolly from the great guys at FilmScape.

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Quadcopter are awesome and we really want one for the Studio, I’ve been eyeing the DJI Phantom. In the mean time its been fun putting together a little pretend quadcopter video in the studio and at the 2014 BVE expo.

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180° TimeFreeze Project (sneak peek)

Here’s a little sneak peak of some of the work we’ve been doing for an up-coming project using a snazzy 180 Dolly track from Filmscape, a Magic Lantern enhanced Canon 5D Mark III and a set of very fast compact flash cards to get a super smooth tracking shot around our subject.

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Pepper vs Salt


A insanely high-end robot war or epic proportions. Hold on tight as these giants of war go head to head in a all out brawl for dominance! 

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Magic Lantern 14bit RAW module

Canon DSLR video feels reborn with the 14bit RAW module by magic lantern. The datarate is nothing short of insane, 80-90MB/s datarate for HD video, that’s around 1GB for 10-15 seconds of footage. All that data needs a super fast 1000x compact flash memory card.

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