London Animation House


Merry Christmas Times!


Just time to whip together a little Christmas render for the season. Built in Lightwave 3D, taking full advantage of the spline controls in Layout. All the lens effects ‘bokeh’ was ray-traced in Lightwave with max ‘adaptive’ samples cranked to 4000 to clean up the noise. Here’s a subpatch wire for good measure!

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Animated Global Illumination

Global illumination is usually reserved for rendering still images due to the approximation methods in which light samples are placed within a scene, causing an annoying flicker when playing back numerous frames. We’re recently been experimenting with radiosity setting that are closer to brute force while still maintaining reasonable render time per frame. The examples above are some  fairly worst case scenarios, there’s still some flickering but frames are rendering at a reasonable 2-3 minutes a frame.

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Javier Clones Himself

In the Formation studio we’ve recently been setting aside time for R&D into interesting software capabilities. Yesterday Javier took a look at Agisoft PhotoScan which allows users to process a series of digital images to generate 3D spatial data.

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Quadcopter are awesome and we really want one for the Studio, I’ve been eyeing the DJI Phantom. In the mean time its been fun putting together a little pretend quadcopter video in the studio and at the 2014 BVE expo.

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3D mini-me’s!

Just got our little 3D twins back from Levavo. We popped down to their studio a few weeks ago to get scanned and got the full colour results back today and are happy with the results. More picture after the break.

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