London Animation House


2017 Showreel cut and uploaded!

We finished putting together our 2017 reel, featuring work for Duracell, Google, GSK, The Guardian and more. But there’s much more work that we can’t show online so feel free to get in touch about a project and we’ll pull together some relevant examples.

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A little look at Vlogger project

Another little passion project that grew out of wanting to try out some new character techniques. Character animation is something I love doing and don’t have enough of it, particularly lip-synced characters that are capable of expressing a range of emotions.

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Merry Christmas Times!


Just time to whip together a little Christmas render for the season. Built in Lightwave 3D, taking full advantage of the spline controls in Layout. All the lens effects ‘bokeh’ was ray-traced in Lightwave with max ‘adaptive’ samples cranked to 4000 to clean up the noise. Here’s a subpatch wire for good measure!

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Animated Global Illumination

Global illumination is usually reserved for rendering still images due to the approximation methods in which light samples are placed within a scene, causing an annoying flicker when playing back numerous frames. We’re recently been experimenting with radiosity setting that are closer to brute force while still maintaining reasonable render time per frame. The examples above are some  fairly worst case scenarios, there’s still some flickering but frames are rendering at a reasonable 2-3 minutes a frame.

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Happy Cat! – Now on Oculus VR Share


Feeling stressed? Why not unwind by occupying the most relaxed, care free creature in the animal kingdom. It’s still a work in progress and we’ve a lot of ideas to flesh out the mechanics of the game but as it stands it’s a simple physics sandbox that allows you to embody a cat and play with a multitude of colourful cat toys. Happy Cat is now available on the Oculus VR share store and require an Oculus Rift and Leap Motion controller and has already proven quite popular.

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The Rise of CG Animal Mania

At Formation we love when a brief comes in to create funny, loveable animal characters. After watching our dancing CG chicks for Asda moonwalk across my screen I had the realisation that in the last year we’ve witnessed a huge increase in CG animal appearances in films, advertising and on social media. This outbreak has also brought with it animal memes, videos and merchandise and we are now receiving more interest in our CG animal creation than ever before. Below I look at a few key players coming aboard the Arc and why more and more brands are turning to VFX for their animal stars.

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