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Medical Installation Demo

A quick demo commissioned by Big Pink walking through a medical installation. The animation was produced by refining motion captured from Ipi Studio and a Kinect v2. The scene was setup and rendered with Lightwave 3D.

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A little look at Vlogger project

Another little passion project that grew out of wanting to try out some new character techniques. Character animation is something I love doing and don’t have enough of it, particularly lip-synced characters that are capable of expressing a range of emotions.

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Grading in Premiere Pro

A few new tutorials for grading in Adobe Premiere Pro. Cine-tone, creating a flat image and adding contrast with a black and white layer. Dual tone, quickly create an easily adjustable dual colour palette.

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Merry Christmas Times!


Just time to whip together a little Christmas render for the season. Built in Lightwave 3D, taking full advantage of the spline controls in Layout. All the lens effects ‘bokeh’ was ray-traced in Lightwave with max ‘adaptive’ samples cranked to 4000 to clean up the noise. Here’s a subpatch wire for good measure!

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